Our Process

We follow a simple and easy to understand process
keeping the client in loop at all times.

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The Brief & Kick-off Call

We’ll first you ask you to fill out a questionnaire. That gives us a brief knowledge about your company and all the information we need to create an outstanding video for you. Then, we’ll schedule a call and discuss everything in detail. Its quick Q&A session for both our team and the client to get to know the process and company better.

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The Script

Script is the foundation of any video. The visuals are based on the script and decides the flow of the video. Based on the questionnaire, our script writers extract the information and turn it into an engaging script. The target audience and marketing goals play an important role within the script.

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The Storyboard + Style Frames

First we create style frames which consist of a few lines from the script. The style frames gives a vision of the video to the client. The colors, style of characters, the fonts, and the type of illustrations.

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The Illustrations

Storyboard is a combination of static frames from the video and will help you see how the story is developing visually. Storyboard is delivered in PDF Format.

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Voice Over

We offer voice overs recorded by professional artists in highly equipped voice over studios. Whether you need a voice over in American, Australian, or British accent or in another language like Arabic, French, German, Italian, or Spanish, we got you.

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The Animation

This is the stage where we add life to the graphics and visuals from the storyboard. We also add background music, sound effects, and voice over at this stage.

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Your video is done

Let’s celebrate by grabbing a cup of coffee and having a donut! Why not? We deserve it after all!

Wanna grab a bite? Let’s talk.

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    We usually respond in minutes!

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