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Strike your brand message worldwide within 60 sec through our online explainer video services. Our animation professionals welcome you on our platform.

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Animated explainer videos: why do you need them?

Pictorial things speak a thousand words, which is why visual content is so important. As an animated explainer video company, we produce captivating animated product explainer videos that aid your audience recognize what your brand serve. Our animated explainer video production company’s artist uses influential animation to get your brand’s story across to viewers and help create immediate brand awareness nevertheless of what industry you are aiding.

best explainer videos
best explainer videos

Animated Explainer Video Benefits:

It can be used at different platforms for different purposes. We make best animated videos that explains your brand in the form of short and interesting video. It can be used anywhere the customer want as our animation studio has huge portfolio to assist our clients. Either you want it on your landing page, or share it with prospective leads, or present in sales meetings, explainer videos are worth playing everywhere.

best explainer videos

Magic of Explainer Video Production:

  • Reflect your brand in shorter time
  • They are more attention grabbing
  • Better than text to convey your message
  • Pursue you for call to action
best explainer videos
best explainer videos

Our explainer video company is the best - Why?

At Pixle Digital Agency that sets us apart is that we use animation in combination with top-notch storytelling to communicate complex concepts in an engaging and meaningful manner. Our experienced artist make explainer videos that focuses on problem solving, convert leads into customers, and help your company boost their marketing.

best explainer videos




What styles of explainer videos do you offer?

We offer various styles of explainer videos to suit our client’s and industry needs. We offer 2D Cartoon Animation, Motion Graphics Animation, Video Editing, Whiteboard Animation, Stick Figure Animation, Kinetic Typography, Screencast animation, and many more.


Do you offer voice over in languages other than English?

Yes, we do. We offer videos in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and many others. Just let us know which language you need and we’ll get it done for you.


How long does it take to produce an explainer video?

Every explainer video project has its own timeline depending on the length, complexity, style, and quality of the video. On an average, a 60 seconds explainer video takes approximately 3 weeks for completion.

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