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What is a Promotional Video?

A promotional video is custom created to promote a brand, business, product, or service. A promotional video is focused on promoting a brand in the best possible manner to increase brand awareness and attract your target audience towards your business.

How can you use a Promotional Video?

A promotional video can be used over website landing page, social media platforms, and meetings and presentations. Promotional videos are customized from cross platform use and are customized to attract your target audience within first few seconds of the video.

Characteristics of Promotional Video?

  • Customized to promote a brand
  • Focused on promotion
  • Popular in live action style
  • Customized for cross platform use

Promotional Videos by Pixle Digital Agency

At Pixle Digital Agency, we specialize in creating promotional videos to build your online presence and generate more leads towards your business. Our promotional videos are designed with a rock solid strategy to maximize the ROI and increase sales.




What’s your process like?

We offer a simple and easy to understand procedure which doesn’t make things too complex for the client. We allow feedback iterations and keep the client in loop from the first stage to the very last.


How does it work with revisions and iterations?

We always welcome feedback from our clients. You can let us know of any changes you require and we’ll sure to get them done. We offer multiple rounds of revisions at every stage.


How do we communicate with you?

We possibly have all the options available. You can reach us out via email, phone call, Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc.

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