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A short video to hit right with the message which can be used across various social media platforms.

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What are Social Media Videos?

Social Media Videos are short animation explainer video that are used to convey your message or promote a brand within a short span of time. Social media is all about being quick and concise and that’s what social media videos are customized for – to explain or promote your message within a snap and leave a positive impression amongst the viewers.

How can you use Social Media Videos?

Just like the name suggests, these videos can be used across all social media platforms. They can be used as a regular post or a sponsored ad. Social Media videos are customized to meet the social media platform requirements and specifications.

Characteristics of Social Media Videos

  • Short
  • To the Point
  • Engaging
  • Powerful Call-To-Action

Social Media Videos by Pixle Digital Agency

At Pixle Digital Agency, we’ve created Social Media animation explainer video for clients varying to different locations and industries. Our Social Media Videos are customized to meet the social media platform requirements and focused on delivering the message within the shortest span of time.




I have a short deadline. Is there an option for urgent delivery?

Yes, there is. If you need an explainer video on urgent basis, contact with us and we’ll fit you in our pipeline. We can deliver in as soon as 24 hours!!


Is there a special rate for resellers or agencies?

Definitely. We’re currently working with many different resellers or agencies and we offer a lower price for our services due to continuous work and business partnership.


Who do you have in your team?

We started from just three employees and are a whole lot of team now. We have project managers, sales reps, graphic designers, storyboard artists, animators, video editors, sound engineers, and voice over artists in our team.

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