2.5D Isometric Animation

A futuristic style of animation with a bird eye view on every detail.

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What is a 2.5D Isometric Animation?

2.5D Isometric, also known as 2.5D or Flat 3D is a method of three-dimensional object in two dimension. The most attractive part of 2.5D isometric is the flat illustration with an added depth and dimension that makes each element look visually appealing and easier for the viewer to understand.

Why 2.5D Isometric Animation stands out?

2.5D Isometric Animation gives a viewer more perspective on the subject. Having the ability to show a space in 3D opens up possibilities that were previously unavailable hence giving a more futuristic kind of view.

Characteristics of 2.5D Isometric Animation

  • Better look and feel of graphics
  • Highly attractive and engaging
  • Highly differentiable with other styles of animation
  • Goes well with every industry




What’s your process like?

We offer a simple and easy to understand procedure which doesn’t make things too complex for the client. We allow feedback iterations and keep the client in loop from the first stage to the very last.


How does it work with revisions and iterations?

We always welcome feedback from our clients. You can let us know of any changes you require and we’ll sure to get them done. We offer multiple rounds of revisions at every stage.


How do we communicate with you?

We possibly have all the options available. You can reach us out via email, phone call, Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc.

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